CCTV Cameras Installations & Monitoring

National Guard facilitates installation of CCTV cameras and training, at strategic points in assignments e.g. Banks, Industries, Stores, Residential houses. The monitor is positioned strategically in the assignment and manned 24hrs while recording all the activities in such assignments.

  • Cloud Sync
  • Physical Back Up Incase of Power Failure.
  • 360 degree camera angle
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Alarm Response

We install automatic alarm systems that are set to activate automatically once they detect intrusion or when they are interfered with. We offer immediate support once these alarms are triggered both automatically or manually.

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Infrastructure Security

National Guard provides static security solutions to various commercial, government and non-government organisations. The sites we protect range from diplomatic missions and corporate offices to remote camps and large industrial processing plants.

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K9 Services

Our trained K9 dogs team is readily available for security services that resolve around tracing, guarding as well as detecting both intruders, lost persons, drugs.

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