Parcel Delivery

In a world of increasingly demanding schedules,you need a partner who will help you achieve your goals. A partner who understands your needs and provides you with efficient, reliable end to end logistical solutions that help you expand your business.

Providing timely and efficient delivery is key. Our dispatch centres are strategically spread across the country, making National Guard your trusted courier partner.

  • Logistics Management System.
  • Logistics Partners
  • Experienced Courier Handlers
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Transport Security

The timely and safe movement of goods and people is critical for the economy and the pressure to deliver faster, further and for less is always present.

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Cash In Transit

National Guard prides itself in the meticulous selection of professional staff who have served within the firm for not less than five years and we have adopted various innovations such as the use of superior car tracking systems and advanced locking mechanisms for the Our Cash In Transit vehicles.

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Cargo Escort

National Guard Security Limited offers professional escort services for valuable assets and commodities providing security way beyond what a normal courier offers. Our team are trained in various security techniques with defensive and offensive driving. We also have experience in armed escorts and extend the services to various high value dealing clientele

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